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Welcome to Sunset Place Studio.
Sunset Place Studio is a full-service recording studio owned by producer/engineer Destin LeCornu in Gibsonia, PA. Sunset Place offers a comfortable, relaxed environment for bringing your creative visions to life. More than just a studio for hire, we seek to build relationships with every client and assist with every part of the music creation process, from writing and arranging to production, recording, mixing, and mastering. 

Sunset Place features a live room that can accommodate a full band, a control room equipped with world-class analog and digital gear, and a soundproof iso booth. Sunset Place is conveniently located on Route 8 with easy parking and many nearby amenities.


For information on our rates and availability, please contact us below. Our rates vary depending on scope of the project.

Sunset Place also doubles as an educational facility. Sunset Place offers a full range of music technology education options through Pittsburgh School of the Arts, including group classes, private lessons, and internship opportunities. For more information, please visit



The following tracks were produced, recorded, and mixed at Sunset Place Studio by Destin LeCornu.



Mark LeCornu - "Redemption Road" - recorded and filmed at Sunset Place Studio



Feel free to contact us about rates, availability, bookings, or anything else.

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